In any business, keeping your brand ‘top-of-mind’ is vital.

Commercial SMART tools are an extra set of features specifically designed to help you retain your customers, create repeat business and generate new clients – and you’ll take your marketing to the next level.

Email campaigns

Email communications look as if they’ve come directly from your business and all responses come straight back to you. Your emails are sent to customers at key moments in their journeys to ensure they are relevant.

PowerPoint presentations

An exclusive area within Help with a selection of custom designed PowerPoint presentations. The suite of presentations give our brokers the ability to include their own branding and deliver a detailed presentation to potential new business partners.

Referrer brochures

We have created a brochure to be a clear guide for your potential referrers telling them what to expect and how they can grow their business by partnering with you. As with everything in SMART, these can be branded with your company brand.

  • Carefully scheduled and targeted email campaigns on your behalf
  • Client-facing presentations
  • Email templates for those members who like to send out key messages themselves
  • Web copy providing a full suite of wording for your website explaining the commercial finance process and services
  • Social media guide and post suggestions helping you take advantage of LinkedIn and ensure quality content is available to post
  • Tips to help you strengthen your SMART marketing
  • Why Use a Commercial Broker brochure artwork so you can leave a clear call to action with potential clients
  • Referrer packs with presentations, brochure artwork, letter and email templates.
  • Phone scripts
  • Commercial finance-themed quarterly newsletter

How much does it cost?

$87.95* (per month)

*Extra fees will apply for sign-up and additional campaigns.
Please contact us for full terms and conditions.


Exclusive Commercial SMART section

When you’ve signed up to the Commercial SMART program, you receive access to a locked area of Help. Inside the locked area of Help, you’ll find a wealth of information, templates, and brochures for your use.

AFG Broker technology


Procure is our commercial finance-themed quarterly e-newsletter for your clients, contacts and referrers in FLEX. A boutique publication produced by AFG for you: from the writing of the articles through to the unique design, this newsletter has been specifically developed for our Commercial SMART brokers to send to their commercial clients, contacts, and referrers in FLEX.

Get your very own marketing team

We know our brokers’ businesses intimately. Time after time we hear from our brokers that they just don’t have the resources to conduct their own marketing or just don’t know where to start or where to focus. SMART allows you to maintain control of your database and communication preferences and outsource the time-consuming operational elements of your marketing while keeping costs down.

  • The SMART program helps us stay in touch with our clients on a regular basis with high-value content. Using the SMART program allows us to have peace of mind knowing that our client base is constantly touched by our brand.

    Harry, WA
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